Landlord/Tenant Mediation

If one thing is certain, it is that landlord-tenant relations will not always go as smoothly as planned. Landlords spend countless hours searching for well-qualified, responsible tenants to occupy their homes, and when something goes awry, it can lead to uncertainty and frustration. From code violations and withheld rent to security deposit and evictions, all of this can formulate a less than desirable situation for landlords and tenants alike. A popular choice for landlords and tenants is the court system to reach a resolution. Unfortunately, going the court route has the potential to cost a great deal of money and it could take weeks, even months to have your case heard before a judge. In addition to the cost and time, collecting on your judgment can be a thorny task. Luckily another choice exists. Landlord-tenant mediation can produce better outcomes and you will spend less time and money trying to mend the problem. Mediation is an informal process in which a neutral, skilled third person (the mediator) helps conflicting parties to discuss possible solutions. The mediation is completely private and confidential and the parties are helped by the mediator to brainstorm ideas and come up with a mutually suitable agreement at the conclusion of the session if they desire. Not only does the mediation process help them with the current problem at hand, it also will teach them skills to work out other problems that may arise in the course of their landlord/tenant relationship. Nearly 85% of all cases brought to mediation end up settling, saving time, stress and creating long-lasting agreements between the people involved. Unlike court, mediation offers ideas that are reasonable and fair for everyone involved rather than one person making a decision for you that may or may not work in the long run. Mediation has also been very effective in helping with neighbor to neighbor disputes, when “loving thy neighbor” is easier said than done. Mediation can help neighbors work together to solve their current dispute and also work out some new methods of communication and working together peacefully to avoid such disputes in the future. Virtually any type of problem can be mediated. Simply said, mediation works! If you would like more information on mediation, please contact Northwest Mediation Center