Community Education

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT WORKSHOPS – NMC has developed a series of community workshops, based on those designed originally by the National Association for Community Mediation, to teach and enhance skills in dispute resolution, conflict management, and conflict transformation. These workshops get us together to explore how conflict works in our lives, how to strengthen skills to work through current disputes, prevent future disputes, and transform ongoing destructive conflicts into productive opportunities for community enrichment and collaboration.  Call Mediation Director, Jamila Peacock, at 509-456-0103 for more information.

COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION – “Simple,” “effective” and “life-changing”—these are words participants use to describe the skills known as “Non-Violent Communication,”™ developed by internationally recognized teacher Marshall Rosenberg. Dr. Rosenberg has distilled numerous complex “methods” of teaching advanced-level communication skills into language that is easy to understand and to use in daily life.  NMC uses Dr. Rosenberg’s methods as a basis for small group or individual coaching sessions that are are eye-opening, surprising and delightful. Call Mediation Director, Jamila Peacock, at 509-456-1013, for more information.